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Intrusion Prevention Summit (Online) – July 8, 2010

Meio de ultima hora mas recebi isso no linkedin e achei bem interessante pois alem de ser free tambem sera online (em ingles).

I have included below links to a free online summit on Intrusion Prevention that takes place on July 8. At this summit, leading experts will look at the emerging threat landscape and provide tips to ensure your security management program can best overcome these new challenges in intrusion prevention. It will also cover key aspects in detecting, patching and immunizing your network to prevent repeated attacks from occurring. Hear leading industry experts from TechTarget, Vodafone, SecureWorks, ISACA, Fortinet and more as they discuss the latest innovations, best practices, barriers to implementation and measurable benefits of intrusion prevention.

Register here: http://www.brighttalk.com/r/svf

Intrusion Prevention Summit Presentations Include:

“When Prevention Fails: The Role of IPS in Incident Response”
C. Matthew Curtin, Founder, Interhack

“Threat Prevention for 2010 and Beyond”
Jason Clark, SE Manager, US Channels, Fortinet

“Network Intrusion Prevention vs. Anomaly Detection
Mike Fratto, Editor, Network Computing

“Top Risks Associated with Implementing IPS”
Marco Ermini, Network Security Manager, Vodafone Group Services

“The Digital Disaster – Dealing with Computer Incidents”
Jan Collie, Manager Director & Principal Investigator, The Digital Detective Ltd.

“Why “Human Intelligence” is Critical to Effective IPS
Paul Pearston, Security Solutions Architect, SecureWorks

“Intrusion Prevention, Are We Joking?
Mark Henshaw, Director, ISACA London & Chairman, ISACA Winchester

“What’s the Future for Intrusion Prevention? Key 2011 Trends”
Ron Condon, UK Bureau Chief, TechTarget

Register here: http://www.brighttalk.com/r/svf

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Happy Detection!

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