quinta-feira, 22 de julho de 2010

Blackhat / Defcon Las Vegas (english)


This week I'm going to Vegas cause 3 reasons (not in particular order) :

1-) I'm invited to be staff at Blackhat. I'll be Speaker Proctor and I'm very excited with that since I will be in touch with awesome security guys and specially I'll have a Staff T-shirt with my nickname (that's too nerds I know but I love conferences tshirts).

2-) Defcon as always good talks and 10% of Blackhat's price what make it perfect to go .

3-) Spiderlabs Summer Meeting  where all my spiderlabs team will meet there, discuss projects, futures , keep in touch in person since we are world spread.



If you are going to Vegas ping me and let's talk and have some beers.

Beside me lot of brazilian will be there too as Thiago Bordini, Clebeer , Bruno (mphx2) , Luiz Eduardo (le) , Willian Caprino (Billy) , Cristiane Baffa, Wendel , Rodrigo Rubira  (bsdaemon) , Fernando Amatte and others .

Happy Hacking!

Rodrigo Montoro(Sp0oKeR)

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